Saturday, July 16, 2011

Tweaking some of my Posts to add some Value

I spent some time with my Honey last night to tweak some of my recent posts and add some interesting content in them to make them more fun, and provide some additional points of interest relevant to the images I painted.

I have added some outside links to interesting places, information, history, and included some videos in the post for a little new flavour!

The edited posts are - Red Maple Leaf, Three Lanterns, Maple Sugaring in Canada, Swirling Mists, and Ultralight in Alaska. I also changed the name of the Post - 'Lanterns' to 'Three Lanterns'.

This is practice for me while getting my new website ready, and good for me to learn new ideas! I hope you continue to enjoy the updated posts even more than before. I will probably do the same to a few other posts over the next few days.

I have a number of new paintings that I will soon be posting as well, so stay tuned - either sign up to follow, or follow by email to stay up on the adding of the new images!

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