Sunday, December 5, 2010

Blue Decanter

Watercolor on paper,
7" x 10.5"

Beautiful picture, that is a gorgeous blue, what I like most is the detail of the focus...great pleasure painting. It is executed in cobalt blue glass.

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Watercolor Gold Mask

Watercolor on paper,
9.5" x 7"

To paint venetian masks is a pleasure for me. This is my first such picture, and in future there will be many more.
In 1162 Doge Vitale Michieli triumphed over Ulrich II of Treven and an annual celebration to commemorate the occasion was commenced. The first documented usage of Venetian masks in conjunction with the annual celebration was in 1268.
The use of masks during the life of the Venetian Republic remains one of mankind's notably eccentric practices. Indeed, masks have been worn in cultures throughout the world for thousands of years, but perhaps never with such fervent pageantry as in Venice.

Below I have added a video showing masks of Venetian times and styles, with  flowing Waltz music typical of a Venetian Masquerade party.

Aram Khachaturyan - Masquerade

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Red Maple Leaf

Watercolor on paper,
7" x 4.5"

Really cool Red Maple Leaf picture. The Red Maple Leaf is a common Canadian Symbol, and reflected in the Current Canadian Flag,
and here is a book on The First Red Maple Leaf!

If you like nice music and lyrics, watch the video below, or jump over to The Red Maple Leaf by John Hollohan of Summerville and Gander, NL, and see the Lyrics while you play the video!

Of course Maple is often used for making Maple Sugar, Maple Syrups and Maple Candies.

See: Maple Sugaring in Canada - for a Painting I have done and more information on that subject.
Gold Leaf - another watercolor painting.

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Three Lanterns

Three Lanterns, beside a tree, with a light shift effect happening by the tree!

These lanterns reflect the colors of the background changing from a blue-sky to a leaf-saturated setting sun yellows and reds.

These Coach-Like Lanterns remind me of those kinds of Lanterns found in old Carriages, on Porches of Old, and sometimes near City Hall.

Some Links to these kinds and other types of Interesting Lanterns:
Bevolo Gas and Electric Lights;
Table Lanterns Volume Three;
Outdoor coach lights;
Wiki - Gas lighting;

A Video of a Modern Gas Streetlight:

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Maple Sugaring in Canada

Watercolor on paper,
11" x 8"

March is the prime month for collecting sap from sugar maple trees. In late winter and early spring, maple trees, and especially sugar maples, are loaded with the clear, sweet liquid.

Sugar maple is one of the most important trees in Ontario and Quebec, Canada. Sugar maple is used for furniture, flooring, farm tools, and other items. Maple Sugaring in Canada is predominantly done in Quebec, & Ontario, and as stated in this Wiki - "Maple sugar is a traditional sweetener in the northeastern United States and Canada, prepared from the sap of the sugar maple tree. Maple sugar is about twice as sweet as standard granulated sugar and can be used as an alternative to cane sugar."

Also in this Wiki - "Maple sugar is what remains after the sap of the sugar maple is boiled for longer than is needed to create maple syrup or maple taffy. Once almost all the water has been boiled off, all that is left is a solid sugar."

Like to Eat Maple Sugar Products? Try Wheelers Maple Syrup Camp & Pancake House in Ontario. Great tasting pancakes with their on site produced maple syrup.  A Video of Wheeler's Pancake House, Sugar Camp & Maple Museum  below:

Did you know Pure Canadian Maple Syrup has less calories than sugar, honey or molasses? For more History on Maple Sugaring and Maple Syrup - see Canadian Maple Syrup - Maple Syrup History. If you just want to buy Maple Sugar products - you can also check out The Maple Store.

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Swirling Mists

A fun painting testing out unique image ideas, in this case - the swirl!

Swirling Mists reminds me of certain music pieces, where the melody takes me to a different place, and as I close my eyes I can feel the music taking me swirling of to a place of Joy!

One such piece of music is 'Snow Road' by Georgiy Sviridov, a famous russian Composer, and it has been incorporated in this very nice Video:

If you like to read - you could also pick up a copy of 'Swirling Mists Of Cornwall' for your reading pleasure. For another good read - see The Healing Power of Wheatgrass - The swirling mists of time, and learn some new things!

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Ultralight in Alaska

This picture I painted for my Honey.
A Beautiful Northern landscape in Alaska and a small "Ultralight" airplane. You will find 6 times as many pilots per capita in Alaska as you will in the rest of the country, and 14 times as many airplanes. With countless towns and villages across the state that aren’t, according to the local parlance, “on the road system,” and a land mass twice the size of Texas, a plane comes in pretty handy, and an Ultralight like this one, can land in a great many places in Alaska just fine!

Alaska has many places where you can really get away from it all. My dream is to visit Alaska as soon as I can.

If you like Ultralight Aircraft, and are visiting Alaska (or moving there), you might want to investigate 'Ultralight Flyers of Alaska' for tips and connections on flying an Ultralight in Alaska.  There are other places to learn to fly Ultralights - and even a list of United States Ultralight Schools! If you get there and you REALY like the idea of flying an Ultralight - even in Alaska, you might want to buy one. Lucky you - here is a private Ultralight For Sale in Alaska! (If you discover the link goes down - please add a comment!)

I have posts with other aircraft, if you like. They are:
A Painting I did for my Honey's Birthday, and a Beechcraft Twin Baron.

Here is a video of a different Ultrailight in Alaska -
Extreme Flying: Zenair STOL CH 701 on skis in Alaska

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