Monday, July 18, 2011

Still Life with Cognac

Watercolor on paper,
7 1/2" x 10"

This wonderful bottle of Cognac has you dreaming of Smells of undergrowth, dried fruits, and above all deep smells of violet and iris, or is that the partially consumed glass in front of it?

While we all seek that Royal Moment, few of us get to experience it. Too good to be called just XO cognac, it is given the full Extra Old title.

Do you dream of special moments as you see this? I hope it brings back many special memories for you!

Copyright Lily Serj, and LilysWatercolorPaintings 2008-2011

Still Life with Apple

Watercolor on paper,
8" x 10"

This beautiful still life, with a wondrous collection of young Tulips, are teased with this ripe, ready to eat Apple!

Resting on a piece of luxurious lace, this is no ordinary apple, but one fit for Royalty!

Copyright Lily Serj, and LilysWatercolorPaintings 2008-2011

Beautiful Sunny Lily

Watercolor on paper,
10" x 8"

The Sun is shining bright and so is this Lily!

I love the interesting mix of colors this flower shares with us when it blooms!

You can see why the birds and the bees are attracted to flowers like this, and even why they are such a celebration at Easter!

Copyright Lily Serj, and LilysWatercolorPaintings 2008-2011

Sunset on a Stormy Ocean

Watercolor on paper,
9 1/2" x 7"

After a long and stormy day, as the sun is setting it breaks through and shows it's beauty for all to see, as a reminder it is still there!

 The ocean is still rough with large swells and rough surf rolling onto the beaches.

Copyright Lily Serj, and LilysWatercolorPaintings 2008-2011

Lilies in Moonlight

Watercolor on paper,
7 3/4" x 7 7/8"

Two lilies under Moonlight, still on display, sharing their beauty for all to see.

Looking closely, you can still see the soft shadows in the moonlight, as it gently caresses the petals with it's rays, as they reach to enjoy it's light.

One bud remains closed, not yet ready to enjoy the fullness of life.

Copyright Lily Serj, and LilysWatercolorPaintings 2008-2011

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Wondrous Pink Rose

Watercolor on paper,
9" x 8 1/2"

Click to see large copy!

If you love Roses as much as I love Roses, I have a beauty here for you!

This Roses stands out from it's surroundings, but shows it's beautiful green leaves.

You can see the reflection of the lightly overcast sky, off the glistening petals, as it reaches for the suns rays!

Copyright Lily Serj, and LilysWatercolorPaintings 2008-2011

Gates of Kerch City, Ukraine

Watercolor on paper,
5 1/2" x 8 1/2"

As you come into my Home town of Kerch, Ukraine, you will see this bronze statue of a Griffin, with the light and 6 lamps on the left  and right side of the street.

The Bronze Plaque in the base of the statue depicts a famous area of the city of Kerch, in a significant time past.

The Griffin was a symbol of strength and security, and often used to indicate power and protection, telling travelers who came that they would be safe here.

Copyright Lily Serj, and LilysWatercolorPaintings 2008-2011

Grandmothers Table

Watercolor on paper
10 1/8" x 6 7/8"

When Grandmother was young, she had a photo taken of here that she loves and keeps on her table to this day, which she keeps by the vase of flowers left here by her dear husband, and some playing cards should she be in the mood for a game of solitaire or bridge.

The Pitcher and towel are always there, for when she wakes she like to have a quick wash before starting her day. If the mood strikes her - she also has a small bottle of perfume handy as well!

Copyright Lily Serj, and LilysWatercolorPaintings 2008-2011

Still Life Watercolor Fish

This Fish, along with a Pint of your favourite beverage, could make a nice treat at the end of a hot day. If just looking at it makes your mouth water, I can understand - I felt the same way painting it!

No - it is not sitting on a board on the floor, but rather, on a board on a small table beside the dining table, being prepared for serving!

Copyright Lily Serj, and LilysWatercolorPaintings 2008-2011

3 Delicious Pears (3 Sisters)

Watercolor on paper
10 1/4"" x 6 1/2"

I Call these three pears,
'3 Sisters', and I am sure you will find them delicious as well!

These are one of my favourite fruits to eat, very refreshing, and juicy when picked fresh at the right time.

Notice the soft shadows of this still life painting, and the light reflecting from one pear to another.

Copyright Lily Serj, and LilysWatercolorPaintings 2008-2011

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Tweaking some of my Posts to add some Value

I spent some time with my Honey last night to tweak some of my recent posts and add some interesting content in them to make them more fun, and provide some additional points of interest relevant to the images I painted.

I have added some outside links to interesting places, information, history, and included some videos in the post for a little new flavour!

The edited posts are - Red Maple Leaf, Three Lanterns, Maple Sugaring in Canada, Swirling Mists, and Ultralight in Alaska. I also changed the name of the Post - 'Lanterns' to 'Three Lanterns'.

This is practice for me while getting my new website ready, and good for me to learn new ideas! I hope you continue to enjoy the updated posts even more than before. I will probably do the same to a few other posts over the next few days.

I have a number of new paintings that I will soon be posting as well, so stay tuned - either sign up to follow, or follow by email to stay up on the adding of the new images!

Copyright Lily Serj, and LilysWatercolorPaintings 2008-2011