Sunday, August 31, 2008

Arch in a Pink Wall

Arch in a Pink Wall
Nature surrounding beautiful architecture always looks perfect.

In this picture I used a little bit different technique than usual. I used a lot of extra water, and made the paper wet to flow the colors, and soften them as they spread and blend.

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Monday, August 25, 2008

Small Town street

A Generic Small Town Old English StreetAn Old English Small Town street. No particular place, just a general characterization of Old England.

It reminds me of scenes I have seen in Old English Stories, & Movies.

It also reminds me of my childhood, in the Southern Ukraine, growing up in areas of the Black Sea, with structures just about like this too.

England has always been a country of individual houses and well-tended gardens, where privacy and a sense of self-expression are important elements.

Notice the white painted window frames, with the browns and dark browns of the houses walls. Then - in the middle of it all, a green door, beside the neighbors house with a traditional brown door - this was a time of variety, color, and choice, unlike a housing development of today, where all the houses are designed with just one design color scheme, like cans at a factory!

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Monday, August 11, 2008


Two Camellias - Charming GiftsCamellias are fantastic! I like to paint flowers while blossoming on the trees, and Camellias are particularily impressive.

Camellias are like music on the tree, just looking at them makes me feel alive!

Always different and various colours, camellias are attractive, with never a repeated style.

This Painting was done using a mix of Water Color and Acrylic, to play with the two mediums together! You can see a lot of pictures of Camellia's here.

If you can think of a more Beautiful and varying flower, please share your thoughts in a comment here.

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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A New Painting - 'Old Front Door'

Today I just finished a new painting! Today it was with acrylic - but I do like to paint in acrylic, too!

The painting is a view of a typical front door and home with trees, hedges, etc. in the front yard, in my home city - Kerch, Ukraine.

The painting took me two days, working a little in the morning, and a little in the afternoon and evening.

This picture was taken with a lower resolution digital camera in the evening with flash and simple lighting, so it does not look as good as in daylight.

I have some other ideas for paintings in mind I will be posting shortly.

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