Thursday, December 18, 2008


Famous Old BridgeI love bridges. To me, bridges connect shores as two hearts in love. With bridges, the way becomes shorter, and love becomes closer! A bridge is a beautiful engineering piece, and wonderful architectural construction.
This is one that I painted in Acrylic, instead of simply water color, because I wanted to show the ripples on the water better, have richer colors to show the details, and crisper lines.

This Bridge painting is one I painted while in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Bird's Houses

Bird houses on the Boulevard I was born in March and I love this season. Nature wakes up and also birds start to build nests for the posterity. I have represented this time in this picture. The picture is of no particular place, just a general spring theme, from anyplace or time.

As I usually do - I sketched out the idea, the area, the Boulevard, trees, benches, grass, birdhouses, etc. Then I chose the base colors and worked my way up, painting in the elements separately from lighter colors to darker colors.

Of course - doing the same scene in acrylic or oils would create a far different look, but with water color - the softer colors lend well in this type of image to an ageless event - Spring!

Copyright Lily Serj, and LilysWatercolorPaintings 2008-2011

Friday, December 12, 2008

Three Camellias

Camellias are flowers for Beautiful women.

The Idea to paint this picture came to me, when I saw a nice book about Camellias. The book had wonderful photos, and for my painting I chose one that I liked the best.

I used acrylic on the paper. There are a lot of varieties and colors among Camelias, just see some of them from a Google Images quick search.

There is even an International Camellia Society! According to them, They originate from subtropical regions in China, Japan and neighbouring countries.

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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Moon Gate

Moon nights are a Magic time...
This Picture is my fantasy. I like to read fairy tales, books, or novels and paint my impression, or imagination, how I see some visions, ideas, or events.

For Example, the Gate of this Castle already hides the horse and messenger riding in to the Castle. The King is awaiting the News - when will his Queen return from her cousins afar. With the fog coming in, he is concerned for her safety as she is late, and will be riding in the dark, but hopes the moon will light her way well enough for her safe return.

Copyright Lily Serj, and LilysWatercolorPaintings 2008-2011