Saturday, October 18, 2008

Gold Leaf

Nature and truth are great code of glorious arts.

Autumn leaves are very evocative in their colours - they look warm when it's actually getting cold.

We all enjoy the colors of Autumn leaves. They are very inspiring for painters.

Gold Autumn is allure for the eyes!

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Fresco Fantasy Tulips

I like Art Fresco of Ancient Greece. This picture is the imitation of Ancient Greek house wall's fresco genre.

Fresco is the Italian word for "fresh", and that's because painters do fresco painting on fresh, wet plaster walls. That way the colors really sink in to the plaster, and you get a glowing kind of color that is very different from what you would get if you just painted on top of the dry plaster.

People have been doing fresco painting for a long time. The earliest frescoes we know of come from Bronze Age Greece about 1600 BC.

Because my roots are from Greece, I like to use Greek Art genre for my pictures.

Copyright Lily Serj, and LilysWatercolorPaintings 2008-2011