Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Beach Twin Baron

I like to paint airplanes and the sky. And I like to see the Earth from aloft. Some of my best ideas for painting come when I am flying somewhere and looking at the earth. (When it is a nice flight, anyway - I hate rough flying weather, how about you?)

My husband is a Pilot, and loves to fly smaller aircraft much more than taking a commercial flight, but he is good to hang on to during turbulence, as he understands the flight will be fine! He usually flies single engine aircraft but has flown and started to get his rating for planes with two engines - the 'Multi - Rating' training in a Twin Comanche.

This picture of a Baron was chosen because of I liked it during one of our trips to EAA Oshkosh in the summer. This is a picture I painted for him, for his birthday. This Picture was painted with Acrylic on Canvas, as I wanted something that is a bit more durable, and has a different character about it.

I have posts with other aircraft, if you like. They are:
A Painting I did for my Honey's Birthday, and an Ultralight in Alaska.

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Electricfly said...

This is a very nice rendition of the Beachcraft Baron 58 aircraft! I have it sitting on our Livingroom wall - North Side - Facing Downsview Airport!