Monday, August 25, 2008

Small Town street

A Generic Small Town Old English StreetAn Old English Small Town street. No particular place, just a general characterization of Old England.

It reminds me of scenes I have seen in Old English Stories, & Movies.

It also reminds me of my childhood, in the Southern Ukraine, growing up in areas of the Black Sea, with structures just about like this too.

England has always been a country of individual houses and well-tended gardens, where privacy and a sense of self-expression are important elements.

Notice the white painted window frames, with the browns and dark browns of the houses walls. Then - in the middle of it all, a green door, beside the neighbors house with a traditional brown door - this was a time of variety, color, and choice, unlike a housing development of today, where all the houses are designed with just one design color scheme, like cans at a factory!

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