Saturday, July 5, 2008

Poppies in Vase

Six Poppies in a Vase Flowers give me Great Gladness!!

This is a hybrid of Water Color and India Ink, with the painting being done first, and then the (Black) India Ink being used to define the hard edges, centres, divisions and petals, etc.

This picture also was painted using a lot of water on the paper during the painting, but allowed to dry before the India Ink was applied. I painted it this way because I like the results!

"A poppy is any of a number of colorful flowers, typically with one per stem, belonging to the poppy family. They include a number of attractive wildflower species with colorful flowers found growing singularly or in large groups; many species are also grown in gardens. Those that are grown in gardens include large plants used in a mixed herbaceous border and small plants that are grown in rock or alpine gardens." - Quote from Wikipedia

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