Friday, September 12, 2008

Old Classic Large House

Old Classic Large House: could be The Scientific Geographic Academy Building, circa 1826-1850 This picture is my imagination and fantasy. I think of this house as The Scientific Geographic Academy Building, circa 1826-1850.

This was painted using a style targeted to be like a book illustration, for supporting a novel with the authors view of a building he bases the story, in part on.

Imagine - if you would: The Professor of History has just arrived and is in a meeting recounting to his esteemed colleagues his adventures, the discoveries he has made, and the treasures he has found while abroad. To his right is the Professor of Architecture, and his many associates, enquiring to learn about Architecture abroad; while on his left are Professors of Science, of Chemistry, and of 'Modern Physics' - hoping to glean some pearls of wisdom from his travels!

The Technique I used in this painting was a blend of water colors for the fills and pen with black indian ink for the hard lines.

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